Mr. Edgar Yang, PDSM, the Honorary Secretary General of the Sports Federation & Olympic Committee of Hong Kong, China (“SF&OC”), pointed out that Hong Kong has a sound and robust legal framework, but the courts are not always the most time and cost efficient forum for resolving sports-related disputes.  Recent collaborations with the AALCO Hong Kong Regional Arbitration Centre (“AALCO-HKRAC”) has yielded great positive results using alternative disputes resolution (ADR) to help resolve sports-related disputes through fair, creative and just means that are welcomed by all parties. AALCO-HKRAC is widely recognized as a reliable and neutral institution for dispute resolution. Mr. Edgar Yang emphasized that the this collaboration would enable the 80+ sports associations under the SF&OC to efficiently address and resolve complex legal issues and achieve the goals of harmony and mutually beneficial outcomes when dealing with sports related disputes through mediation and arbitration.

The Honourable Duncan Chiu, the Member of Legislative Council and the Chairman of Squash Association of Hong Kong, China, also highlighted that many sports associations are presently unfamiliar with the processes and availability of mediation and arbitration to resolve disputes. As these sports associations and important stakeholders often rely on government and philanthropic funding, they are not able to bear the high costs associated with court litigation. The development of cost-efficient sports mediation and arbitration mechanisms in Hong Kong is an urgent necessity. With its abundance of professional and experts, Hong Kong has the potential to establish high standards of service that not only meet the needs of the local sports community but also for Mainland China and even globally. This will further strengthen Hong Kong’s position as an international legal and dispute resolution hub.