Nick Chan, MH, JP


Director Nick Chan, MH, JP
AALCO Hong Kong Regional Arbitration Centre is established by international law. Director Nick Chan, Medal of Honour recipient, Justice of the Peace, leads the operations of the Centre. The Director’s work is supported by a Secretariat team. Nick Chan is a lawyer with 25+ years of experience who have worked in-house with regional responsibilities and have a computer science background. As the founding Chairman of eBRAM International Online Dispute Resolution Centre, Mr. Chan attended and spoke at APEC Economic Committee’s Osaka “Workshop on Building the APEC Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) Collaborative Framework Pilot” to help together develop/complete an implementation plan for a pilot for an APEC ODR Collaborative Framework for B2B cross border disputes involving Micro Small Medium Enterprise including resolving any outstanding issues concerning the Collaborative Framework/Procedural Rules, addressing administrative details, and identifying prospective ODR providers who would partner with APEC.

Top Level Committees

  • Director
    •  Staff, Finance and<br/>Audit Committee
      Staff, Finance and
      Audit Committee
    •  Appointments<br/>Committee
    •  Challenges<br/>Committee
    •  Rules<br/>Committee
    •  Panel Listing<br/>Committee
      Panel Listing

Staff, Finance and Audit Committee

which oversee, report, and advise the Director regarding the Centre’s finance, fix, adjust and decide on the administrative fees and costs, human resources and general administration, and formulate policies, report, and advise the Director relating to regulatory performance, corporate governance and risk management;

Appointments Committee

which advise the Director in respect of the matters and procedures in the discharge and performance of functions by the Centre under any arbitration rules or procedures in relation to the appointment of neutrals, arbitrators and mediators, and the matters associated therewith;

Challenges Committee

which handle challenges arising out of the arbitration and mediation appointments, processes and results; and to decide on the procedure and applicable rules for handling challenges to appointments of neutrals, arbitrators and mediators;

Panel Listing Committee

which handle the vetting and listing of arbitrators and mediators onto the respective panels of the Centre; to establish, keep under review and safeguard the professional standards of training for inclusion on the panels established and maintained by the Committee; and to assess the suitability of training courses for panel members in light of the standards established from time to time by the Committee for persons to be included on the panels established and maintained by the Committee.

Rules Committee

which study, report, and advise the Director on any revisions to the rules and procedures in proceedings administered by the Centre, to decide on suitable revisions to applicable schedule of fees under the rules and procedures adopted by the Centre, and to consider any new proposed rules for other modes of dispute resolution and alternative dispute resolution mechanisms from the Director; and