AALCO-HKRAC welcomes interested parties to apply for empanelment of the AALCO-HKRAC Panel of Arbitrators.

AALCO-HKRAC maintains its Panel of Arbitrators to meet its operational needs and assist parties in dispute in appointing a suitably qualified arbitrator.

Applications for empanelment shall be submitted the online application form at our website. Each successful applicant must demonstrate that he/she:

  1. has substantial experience in arbitration with sufficient experience in award-writing;
  2. has practical experience in Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) or use of LawTech;
  3. has not been found guilty of misconduct by a court or disciplinary tribunal which calls into question the candidate’s ability to act as an arbitrator;
  4. has substantial connections with Asia and/or Africa.

Applications may be submitted together with sanitised awards, written references, and other supporting materials verifying the applicant’s skills and experience relevant to the above criteria.

AALCO-HKRAC reserves the right, in its absolute discretion, to approve, defer, or reject applications for new and renewed empanelment, and the decision of AALCO-HKRAC is final.