On June 27, 2024, AALCO Hong Kong Regional Arbitration Centre (“AALCO-HKRAC”) actively supported and participated in the 2024 China High-level Dialogue on Maritime and Commercial Arbitration in Beijing. This significant event attracted over 180,000 legal and business professionals from around the world, both online and offline, underscores AALCO-HKRAC’s commitment to promoting international arbitration and Alternative Dispute Resolution (“ADR”).

The High-level Dialogue was organized by the China Maritime Arbitration Commission (“CMAC”) in collaboration with AALCO-HKRAC and three other leading arbitration institutions and supported over 20 domestic and international professional bodies and industrial organisations.

Mr. Nick Chan, BBS, MH, JP, the Director of AALCO-HKRAC sent his congratulatory well wishes on the resounding success of the 2024 China High-level Dialogue on Maritime and Commercial Arbitration. He said: “The successful collaboration with CMAC and so many esteemed institutions in this event showcases AALCO-HKRAC’s conscientious efforts in promoting and coordinating arbitration institutions within the region and promote the application of international arbitration and alternative dispute resolution (ADR) rules as one of our key missions”.

On behalf of AALCO-HKRAC, Deputy Director Mr. Dennis Cai joined the panel discussion on “Hot Issues in International Arbitration”. The discussion covered many important issues, including evolution of institutional rules, the advantages of Hong Kong arbitration, reform of arbitration law in China, arbitration talent development, and use of AI in arbitration. Mr Cai shared the latest developments in Hong Kong arbitration, including the new advantages of Hong Kong arbitration brought by the successful establishment of AALCO-HKRAC as an independent international organization in Hong Kong. This achievement, coupled with its rapid development over the past two years, has significantly contributed to the promotion of Hong Kong arbitration services in the countries along the Belt and Road Initiative.

The panel discussion received widespread acclaim from the attending guests.