Burkina Faso, a landlocked country in West Africa well-known for its agriculture, mining, art and craft, has recently been welcomed by 47 countries to join as the 48th member country of AALCO. The world trend is to access and take full advantage of technology, in particular Artificial Intelligence (AI), to tech-up and embrace Industry 4.0 to increase the quality and quantity of economic production, thereby speeding up modernization and delivering better quality of life.

Industry 4.0, AI, in particular Generative AI, comes with exceptional opportunities and challenges. However, it is crucial for users and law-makers to appreciate the current limitations and ability of Generative AI. Governments, businesses, think-tanks can work together to play a crucial role in fostering the AI industry. 

AALCO Hong Kong Regional Arbitration Centre offers an AI-powered state-of-the-art Online Dispute Resolution platform. This platform incorporates machine-learning technology to facilitate translation services in fifteen different languages commonly used along the Belt and Road, enhancing deal-making, security, accessibility, and efficiency in resolving disputes. 

The only constant is change! The future of work favors those who understand Artificial Intelligence.  Working together, 48 countries and their citizens and friends will be able to go further and achieve more together with Industry 4.0 and Generative AI.

Industry 4.0, artificial intelligence and AALCO | The Standard

陳曉峰 – 工業4.0、人工智能和亞非法協 | 亞非正傳 之 以法興業 (stheadline.com))