Mr Nick Chan, MH, JP, the Director of AALCO Hong Kong Regional Arbitration Centre, joined a panel discussion on “Peace: Preventing and resolving commercial and sovereign disputes”. Mr. Chan emphasized that apart from focusing on finding the best way to resolve disputes, it is important to find ways to proactively pre-empt, prevent and avoid disputes happening in the first place. He also highlighted the role of mediation in state-to-state disputes, highlighted the many unique advantages of “One Country, Two Systems” and shared his view on fostering peace for countries, companies and people. In addition, he shared how the AALCO Hong Kong Regional Arbitration Centre and the Online Dispute Resolution platform can and is play a significant role in facilitating efficient and cost-effective dispute resolution for parties involved.


Mr. Chan also served as the moderator and led a Practical Workshop with mediation experts, negotiation experts and hostage negotiators on the art of mediation, negotiation and navigating cross-cultural/ language/ legal system differences.  Mr. Chan also presented the Law Society’s  Manifesto – “The Legal Ethical Code of Conduct Regarding the Deployment of AI” to lawyers and law associations from all over the world to consider.


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