As an international metropolis and an event capital, establishing the Hong Kong branch of the “China Commission of Arbitration for Sport” or promoting Hong Kong based arbitration centers to engage in sports arbitration would be beneficial for the sports development in Hong Kong.

Behind every athlete is a journey filled with sweat and tears. It is crucial to safeguard their legitimate rights and interests. To achieve this, Hong Kong must cultivate more professionals in the field of dispute resolution. AALCO-HKRAC is fully dedicated to actively supporting this endeavor. We are now rolling out the Arbitrators Empanelment and welcomes suitably qualified professionals to apply to join our Panel of Arbitrators to meet the growing needs for arbitration services in the region.

If you also want to make valuable contributions to our country’s aspirations of becoming a sports powerhouse, please join our Panel of Arbitrators by submitting the application online at Arbitrator Empanelment – AALCO (

Sport arbitration the safeguard for sports powerhouses | The Standard

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