Echoing country’s goal of accelerating the training of foreign-related legal talents, the Department of Justice (DoJ) has assumed the responsibility in this regard and recently organized the briefing on the “2024 secondment programme to international law organizations”. It is also actively progressing with the establishment of the Hong Kong International Legal Talents Training Academy, which will provide training for talents in the practice of foreign-related legal affairs for the country, and nurture legal talents conversant with international law, common law, civil law and the country’s legal system.


AALCO Hong Kong Regional Arbitration Centre is pleased to support the DoJ’s great initiative in nurturing more professionals in international public and private law. Similar to international legal organizations such as the International Institute for the Unification of Private Law (UNIDROIT) and the Hague Conference on Private International Law, the centre offers diverse opportunities for young legal professionals in Hong Kong to engage in exchanges, including internships. Last year, we secured the right to hold and successfully held the AALCO Annual Arbitration Forum in Hong Kong, which served as a platform for legal experts from more than 30 jurisdictions to convene and engage in fruitful discussions regarding the significant advancements in arbitration across different regions. Looking ahead, we are planning to introduce the Youth AALCO initiative to further facilitate and enhance exchange and collaboration for the future leaders in the 47 countries.


AALCO Hong Kong Regional Arbitration Centre encourages collaboration among the government, business, academic and private sectors, providing valuable learning opportunities for young legal professionals. Young legal talents shall make good use of Hong Kong’s platform and actively engage in international exchange activities to contribute to society.

Raising international law-savvy legal talent to benefit society | The Standard

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