On 10 May, 2024, Mr. Nick Chan, MH, JP, the Director of AALCO Hong Kong Regional Arbitration Centre, had the honour to serve as the moderator at the Mediation Conference 2024 held by the Department of Justice of HKSAR to lead a panel discussion on “Bots v Humans? The Future of Mediation”.

The distinguished panelists reached a consensus that the emergence of AI and advanced technology presents more opportunities than challenges to mediation and other disputes resolution processes. While recognizing that AI cannot fully replace certain essential human elements in specific situations, they firmly believe that, when used ethically, AI can significantly assist practitioners in achieving greater efficiency. This can be particularly valuable in the pursuit of fair and just outcomes in mediation, arbitration, and even litigation processes.

AALCO Hong Kong Regional Arbitration Centre is the supporting organization of Mediation Conference 2024.