Hong Kong warmly greeted China’s space station resident taikonauts and home-developed aircraft models C919 and ARJ21 with a heroes’ welcome to share in the joy of many important breakthroughs!

The Belt and Road Initiative, including the “Air Silk Road”, is a major undertaking involving collaborations among many countries in the world.  With unique advantages under “One Country, Two Systems”, Hong Kong can provide high-quality supporting services to enterprises and economies that are part of the Belt and Road Initiative.

Prof Yun Zhao, a leading Professor in International Law and Associate Dean (Mainland Affairs), Faculty of Law at the University, suggested the need for advancing the adoption of optional arbitration rules within the space industry, the 61st Annual Session of AALCO that took place in October 2023 has addressed the legal issues regarding outer space with all 47 member states, which together speaks for two-thirds of the world’s population.

Space travellers, space venturing companies, you are welcomed to use the Model Arbitration Clause of the AALCO-HKRAC for economic growth and to resolve potential disputes.