Invited by the organiser of the event, the City Development Law Firm, a leading construction firm in Mainland China, Dennis CAI, Deputy Director of AALCO-HKRAC, attended the captioned Summit and delivered a presentation on “一带一路争议解决新方案 “(New Platform for Resolution of the Belt & Road Disputes ) held in Urumqi on 1 July 2023. 

Urumqi is an important city linking China and many Central Asia countries. As such, the event attracted over 300 delegates, mainly lawyers, business executives, and scholars from Xinjiang province and northwest China.

Disputes concerning cross-border infrastructure and large-scale projects often involve complex legal and technical issues. Speedy, fair, and effective resolution of such disputes will help minimize the delay and other negative impacts on the project. Arbitration is the preferred resolution of cross-border disputes due to its unrivalled advantages, such as enforceability and finality of awards, arbitrators’ expertise, confidentiality, etc.

AALCO-HKRAC is well positioned to handle infrastructure and large-scale project disputes involving parties from various jurisdictions in the Belt & Road Initiative, given that AALO-HKRAC’s unique status as a country-neutral international organisation, the strong support of the AALCO Dispute Settlement System covering AALCO’s 47 member states in Asia and Africa, and the recent recognition of AALCO-HKRAC as a qualified arbitral institution under the arrangement for interim measure enforcement between Hong Kong and Mainland China. Parties who adopted the AALCO-HKRAC’s arbitration rules can benefit from a speedy and cost-effective arbitration process administered by AALCO-HKRAC, with flexible options to conduct the arbitration hearings online, offline, or in a hybrid mode powered by our state-of-the-art Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) platform.

After the presentation, attendees were well aware of the AALCO Hong Kong Regional Arbitration Centre’s advantages in handling the Belt & Road commercial disputes. They showed strong interest in AALCO-HKRAC’s dispute resolution services.

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